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Zach Graham – A heart for Africa

Zach Graham, Iowa State UniversityHis first trip to Africa was definitely not his last, said Zach Graham. A month-long trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2011 left an indelible mark on the student. “They say once you go to Africa, your heart stays there,” he said.

Graham, a member of the Army ROTC at ISU, was part of a cultural understanding and language program with the United States Army cadet command. As part of the program, he participated in an extensive Swahili language class.

Every day for a month in Tanzania he took two-hour lessons in Swahili. He also learned about gender, health and cultural issues, and the political and educational systems in Tanzania.

After the two-hour daily training, Graham then went out into the community and used the language. He worked at the Magareza Nursery School, located inside a prison compound. He taught Swahili, English and math to the 2- to 6-year olds, who were mostly children of the prison guards.

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Ben Kenkel, Senior in Anthropology

Ben KenkelStudying abroad in Europe as an undergraduate student has been one amazing discovery after another! As an anthropology student, I studied abroad with the intention of pursuing a unique and different point of view. I also wanted to understand more about archaeology and other methods of research. I was fortunate that the program I chose to participate in had four weeks in which I could explore the continent and immerse myself in new situations, ideas, and cultures. These experiences have given me an entirely new point of view regarding anthropology and more importantly, the people behind anthropology. Traveling to places such as Budapest, Hungary and Marseille, France and being able to view such different cultures in such a short amount of time really highlights the differences in all people and provides me with food for thought for any research I may undertake during the rest of my undergraduate education.