What Former Students Say

“… the program was helpful in getting a job. I now teach biology courses at (a community college) and I was told after I accepted the position that one of the things which stood out on my resume before my interview was the forensics certificate….I thought the program increased my understanding of forensics, especially the seminar with guest speakers who work in forensics. The seminar gave me a chance to learn about possible career options within forensics. I really enjoyed the program…” — from an instructor of biology at a community college.

“The program was most definitely helpful, as a matter of fact the Forensics Certificate played a crucial role in landing me the job. Much of the information provided in the forensic seminars was beneficial and also helped point me in the direction needed to obtain further information.” – from an ISU graduate who was hired to develop and direct a private forensic DNA laboratory.

“Completing the graduate certificate in forensic science enabled me to develop skills applicable to research and teaching in forensic anthropology and more broadly, biological anthropology. Exposure to a broad number of disciplines related to forensic science provided me with the opportunity to study topics relevant to biological anthropology that otherwise would not have been incorporated into my graduate program of study. It was a worthwhile endeavor!” — from an aspiring professor of anthropology.