The Program

  1. In order to earn the Certificate, you will take 12 credits of coursework and seminars at Iowa State University:
    1. 1 graduate credit seminar course in forensic science: ANTHR 541.
      The seminar will be offered each spring semester. In this seminar, you will report on the off-campus conference you attend, and also on your research.
    2. 1 graduate credit of independent study: ANTHR 542.
      Choose a topic in forensics, ask the DOCS for approval, research it in the literature and write a paper on it. You will present this research project to the seminar group.
    3. At least 10 graduate credits from among the courses listed in the Course Menu.
      From these courses, you may not choose any courses offered toward your academic major, and you must choose courses from at least two different departments entirely outside of your department or program.

      • No credits may be transferred to ISU from other institutions
      • You are allowed to take the courses for the Certificate on a pass/not pass basis. However, you will not be able to include any pass/not pass credits on the POS for your major.
  2. You will attend local public meetings and workshops organized by the Midwest Forensics Resource Center. You will be notified of these meetings.
  3. You will attend a national or regional scientific meeting devoted to forensic science. Funding is available to help with the expenses. You must spend at least 2.5 days at the conference. After attending, you will report back to the group as part of the seminar course. Examples of suitable meetings are those held by the:
    1. Midwest Association of Forensic Scientists (
    2. American Academy of Forensic Sciences (
    3. North American Forensic Entomologists (
    4. Society of Forensic Toxicologists (
    5. The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (
    6. American Association of Physical Anthropologists (
    7. International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians
    8. Iowa Division International Association for Identification (
  4. To finish the program, you must have achieved a total GPA of 3.0 or higher and completed the Certificate within three contiguous calendar years.