Admissions & Application

Decisions on admission to the graduate program are made by mid-April (for the fall semester), and by mid-October (for spring semester entry). The Department of Anthropology requires all applicants to obtain three letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to assess the applicants academic and professional potential.

In addition, as part of their application students must submit a statement (300-5OO words in length) indicating professional goals and areas of interest. In addition, the Graduate Record Exam is required. Acceptance may occur in three ways: Full admission is for students with solid grade point averages and strong letters of recommendation. Provisional admission is reserved for students with demonstrated potential but whose undergraduate experience lacks background courses which are equivalent to our undergraduate core courses. Restricted admission occurs in situations where the undergraduate record is clearly not indicative of the applicant’s current true academic potential.

New students will be assigned advisors who will help assist in planning their programs until they choose major professors who will chair their graduate advisory committees.

For addition information or to apply for admissions, visit the Graduate College at Iowa State University.