Dr. Jane Dusselier

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Curriculum Vitae
515. 294. 1373
639 Ross
Ph.D., University of Maryland

Current Projects
Culinary Regional Landscapes:  Mapping Asian American Foodways in Ames, Iowa

A Biography of Estelle Ishigo

Current Courses
Anthropology 230: Globalization and the Human Condition
LAS 328X: Asian American Cultural History LAS 491: Service Learning in the Southeast Asian American Context

Selected Publications

2011.  Asian American Foodways, Vol. 2, Food Cultures in America: An American Mosaic.
Under Contract. Forthcoming from ABC CLIO, July 2011.

2010.  Online Center for the Study of Japanese American Concentration Camp Art.  Online Database Publication.<http://www.lib.iastate.edu/internart‑main/2023/3007>.

2009.  “Understandings of Food as Culture.” Environmental History, what date, April 2009, 331-338.

2009.  Artifacts of Loss: Crafting Survival in Japanese American Concentration Camps. Rutgers University Press, December 2008.

2007.  Review of Monsoon Diary: A Memoir with Recipes by Shoba Narayan, in Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 10:3, Fall 2007, 495-498.

2006.  Review of Daughter of Heaven: A Memoir with Earthly Recipes by Leslie Li, in Food and Foodways, 14: 3-4, December 2006, 249-252.

2006.  “Embodied Identity? The Life and Art of Estelle Ishigo.” Feminist Studies, Fall 2006, 32:3, 534-546.

2005.  “Gendering Resistance and Remaking Place: Art in Japanese American Concentration Camps,” Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research, 30:2, April 2005, 171-204.2003.  Review of Compositional Subjects: Enfiguring Asian/American Women by Laura Hyun Yi Kang, in Journal of Asian American Studies, 215-219, June 2003 coauthored with Seung-kyung Kim.

2002.  “Does Food Make Place? Food Protests in Japanese American Concentration Camps,”
Food and Foodways, 10:3, 2002, 137-165.

2001.  “Bonbons, Lemon Drops, and Oh Henry! Bars: Candy, Consumer Culture, and the Construction of Gender, 1895-1920,” in Kitchen Culture in America: Popular Representations of Food, Gender, and Race, edited by Sherrie Inness, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001, 13-49.