Emeritus Faculty


John Bower

Emeritus Professor

Lorna Butler

Emeritus Professor

Ph.D. 1976, Washington State University, Professor and Henry A. Wallace Endowed Chair for Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable agriculture; team leadership for interdisciplinary research; participatory research; needs assessment [rapid appraisal].

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Nancy Coinman

Emeritus Associate Professor
ncoinman@iastate.eduM.A. 1984 and Ph.D. 1990, Arizona State University, Associate Professor, Archaeology, Near Eastern Prehistory, Upper Paleolithic, Stone Tool Technologies, Human Origins, Southwestern Archaeology.

Research Interests:
Her current research interests include the Upper Paleolithic of the Levant where she has been conducting field research since 1984. Between 1997 and 2000, she co-directed the Eastern Hasa Late Pleistocene Project (EHLPP) in west-central Jordan with D.I. Olszewski (University of Pennsylvania Museum), and funded by the National Science Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and the National Geographic Society.

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David Gradwohl

Emeritus Professor and Founding Director of the Iowa State University Archaeological Laboratory.

(515) 292-9283 , gradwohl@iastate.eduPhD Anthropology, Harvard University 1967. University of Edinburgh, Scotland; Fulbright Fellowship, 1955-56 BA Anthropology and Geology majors, University of Nebraska 1955.

Research Interests:
Principal research interests: the prehistory, historical archaeology, and ethnoarchaeology of the Prairies and Plains (in particular, Native Americans and African Americans); relationship of ethnicity and material culture, with special regard to Native Americans and Latvian Americans; intra-group diversity in American Jewish cemeteries.

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Norma Wolff

Emeritus Professor